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Als dieses Wiki statt Kommentaren noch Diskussionsseiten hatte, entstand zu dieser Seite eine Seitendiskussion: Seitendiskussion-WikiQuellCodeLocalConfigPhp

Snapshot der config.php des plomlompom-MindWiki (siehe WikiQuellCode):

<?php if (!defined('PmWiki')) exit(); 
include_once($FarmD.'/scripts/xlpage-utf-8.php');                                                   # Activate PmWiki's UTF-8 support. Not sure how well it works. 
if ($action == 'rss') include_once($FarmD.'/scripts/feeds.php');                                    # Include feeds.php if current page is called by [URL]?action=rss. 
XLPage('de','PmWikiDe.XLPage');                                                                     # Germanization file. Re-encode and set 'charset=' to UTF-8 by hand. 
$DefaultPasswords['admin']=GEHEIM;                                                                  # Set the default passwords for all admin and page editing actions. 
$DefaultPasswords['edit'] =GEHEIM;                                                                  # Here, they're the same, so per default only the admin can edit. 
$ISO88591MakePageNamePatterns = array(       '/Á/' => 'A',  '/Â/' => 'A',  '/Ã/' => 'A',            # $MakePageNamePatterns provides conversion rules for strings to 
'/Ä/' => 'Ae', '/Å/' => 'Ao', '/Æ/' => 'Ae', '/Ç/' => 'C',  '/È/' => 'E',  '/É/' => 'E',            # pagenames used by PmWiki's MakePageName(). Its extension to the left 
'/Ê/' => 'E',  '/Ë/' => 'E',  '/Ì/' => 'I',  '/Í/' => 'I',  '/Î/' => 'I',  '/Ï/' => 'I',            # translates common special characters of Western European languages 
'/Ð/' => 'D',  '/Ñ/' => 'N',  '/Ú/' => 'U',  '/Ó/' => 'O',  '/Ô/' => 'O',  '/Õ/' => 'O',            # into ASCII characters. This wiki uses UTF-8 and not ISO-8859-1 page 
'/Ö/' => 'Oe', '/Ø/' => 'Oe', '/Ù/' => 'U',  '/Ú/' => 'U',	'/Û/' => 'U',  '/Ü/' => 'Ue',       # encoding; still, the latter's character set provides a good 
'/Ý/' => 'Y',  '/Þ/' => 'Th', '/ß/' => 'ss', '/à/' => 'a',	'/á/' => 'a',  '/â/' => 'a',        # selection (out of UTF-8's much larger set) of special characters to 
'/ã/' => 'a',  '/ä/' => 'ae', '/å/' => 'ao', '/æ/' => 'ae',	'/ç/' => 'c',  '/è/' => 'e',        # expect on a website such as this. Table taken from: 
'/é/' => 'e',  '/ê/' => 'e',  '/ë/' => 'e',  '/ì/' => 'i',	'/í/' => 'i',  '/î/' => 'i',        # 
'/ï/' => 'i',  '/ð/' => 'd',  '/ñ/' => 'n',  '/ò/' => 'o',	'/ó/' => 'o',  '/ô/' => 'o',        # Notice that $MakePageNamePatterns has already been populated by the 
'/õ/' => 'o',  '/ö/' => 'oe', '/ø/' => 'oe', '/ù/' => 'u',	'/ú/' => 'u',  '/û/' => 'u',        # xlpage-utf-8.php included above; else, we would have to additionally 
'/ü/' => 'ue', '/ý/' => 'y',  '/þ/' => 'th', '/ÿ/' => 'y');                                         # provide some standard conversion patterns added by MakePageName() 
$MakePageNamePatterns = array_merge($ISO88591MakePageNamePatterns, $MakePageNamePatterns);          # itself only if it encounters an empty $MakePageNamePatterns. 
$EnablePostAuthorRequired = 1;                                                                      # The authorship field must be filled out for every page update. 
$WikiTitle = 'plomlompom';                                                                          # To be prepended to every page's name in <head><title></title></head> 
$Skin = 'plomlompom';                                                                               # To be found in /pub/skins/plomlompom 
$AuthPromptFmt = array(&$PageStartFmt, 'page:{$Group}.AuthForm $SiteGroup.AuthForm', &$PageEndFmt); # Per-group AuthForm via 
$FmtPV['$BaseName'] = 'str_replace("-", ".", $name)';                                               # Create return link from comment pages of form "Comments.Group-Page" 
                                                                                                    # by translating back to "Group.Page". Expects hyphen-less groupnames. 
                                                                                                    # Line taken from: 


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