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My self-summary

I'm a native of East Berlin. Mostly cis-hetero, as far as I know. Bookish rather than athletic, and in an intimate relationship with my rusty old Linux notebooks. I've had a somewhat bohemian lifestyle for many years, rarely going to bed before 6am. But now I try to fit a 9-to-5 job into my daily routine, maybe with some polyphasic sleep scheduling magic. I like to write down and quantify much of my life, to archive, analyze, and (towards varying personal goals) optimize it.

I'm not very experienced in matters of love life, but I've been in some sort of open relationship of varying intensity over the past few years, and I think it went reasonably well. I'm eager to learn more about flirting, relationships, love, and sex – be it by way of "dates" (whatever that term may mean – I'd love to hear other people's explanations of it), short affairs, or long-term companionships. I'm open to experiments in polyamory, and some areas of BDSM. I also welcome new friendships of a non-sexual and/or non-romantic nature.

I'm atheist, but I find religion and faith a fascinating topic to discuss and study, and am usually curious about, rather than repelled by, religiosity in other people.

Politically, I have strong socially liberal, anarchist, and Marxist sympathies and biases (feel free to find contradictions in that list). Once the revolution comes, I'll probably be put up against the wall for bourgeois tendencies. I'm not much of an activist, and prefer spending time on obscure pet projects of small if any social benefit. There are some social justice issues I can get riled up about, but I don't consider myself anyone's "ally". I evaluate other people's political compatibility by what they think about sex work, free speech, and pedophilia. "Communism" to me is not a swear word. I don't consider political compatibility a requisite for amicable relations, but it sure helps.

I do not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco, but I don't mind other people doing so. I do psychedelic drugs on rare occasions. I'd love to psychonaut more, but have difficulties finding a suitable environment where – or a trip sitter in the presence of whom – I can sufficiently relax.

I love nature and adventurous traveling in theory, but in practice I'm pretty dependent on the amenities of my civilization, and/or the supportive company of more experienced travellers who can suffer dragging me along. I loved joint backpacking through Thailand, and hope to re-visit South-East Asia one day. Iceland is another place I want to see again. I'm curious about India. Mediterranean countries mostly excite me for their ancient Roman ruins. I prefer historical museums to beaches. I've not seen much of Sub-Saharan Africa, and of the Americas only some bits of the US and Canada.

What I'm doing with my life

I studied Film Studies and Philosophy for some years, then dropped out of university. Recently, I enrolled again, this time in Computer Science.

I've worked as a writer (mostly on topics of internet culture and politics) for some years. Got two books published, did many lectures and panels at various conferences.

Until recently, I paid my bills by freelancing as a programmer, occasional gigs to talk about stuff I'm supposedly knowledgeable about, living frugally off past savings, and parental contributions to my rent. Very recently, I've been lured into a 4-days-a-week 9-to-5 job as programmer. We'll see how that works out.

For fun, I dabble in historical linguistics / Indo-European language studies (update: unfortunately, I don't find the time for that anymore), and I code my own roguelike game engine. I also regularly invite friends over for movie nights, digging deep into the history of cinema.

A more detailed account documentation of my activities and projects can be found here:

I'm really good at

Useless trivia.

Favorite books, movies, music, and food

Most of my book reading nowadays is educational / for research. I can't single out any individual titles or authors as favorites in that, but here's some topics: historical linguistics, ancient history, computer science, political theory. I've grown fond of some authors of speculative fiction, mostly Jorge Luis Borges, Kim Stanley Robinson, Neal Stephenson, and H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft especially was a strong influence on me in my childhood, and there exist embarassing writing attempts of mine from back then to copy his style. I also greatly enjoy anything written by Max Goldt.

Movies are the art form I care about most (I studied them at university, and even worked as a film critic for a while), but I'm ill-informed about recent ones. I count among my favorites (as in: eagerly seen again and again and again) Parajanov's "Sayat Nova", "Les enfants terribles" by Melville/Cocteau, and the Wachowskis' "Speed Racer". There's many directors whose works I adore in general, among them Greenaway, Eisenstein, Resnais, Fassbinder, Jodorowsky, Kubrick, Barney, Griffith, Dreyer, Visconti, Godard, Rohmer, Vertov. Mostly the classical white male western canon, I know. I'll try to expand my horizon some day.

As for TV shows, I feel some attachment to science fiction franchises, foremost to Babylon 5, but to Star Trek as well, and even with some hesitation to Battlestar Galactica (or rather its Caprica prequel). I don't get what's supposedly so great about Firefly, it just feels like Starhunter with better budget, and Summer Glau's role in The Sarah Connor Chronicles is much more interesting. Outside of the genre, I have a nostalgic sentimentality for M*A*S*H, have probably managed to watch half of Law & Order's over 9000 episodes (I'm talking about the original show, I consider the spin-offs less exciting), and have recently elected iCarly as my favorite TV show ever. I also really want to do a Hercules and Xena marathon.

I'm indifferent to the majority of music I encounter. I enjoy some composers that I know mostly for their film scores, like Michael Nyman, Sergei Prokofiev, Ennio Morricone, Philip Glass, Peer Raben; also, lots of classical stuff, but I'm not very knowledgeable about it. Steve Reich is cool. There are a few other modern artists I like, such as Björk, Foyer des Arts, Die Kassierer, but more by way of biographical accident, or as an extension of non-musical interests, than by aesthetic sensibility. Music rarely makes me move my body in any way, so don't expect me to dance. I don't get the importance many people attach to music, and am somewhat put off by profiles that spend a great part of their text on it.

I enjoy eating most kinds of meat, creatures of the sea excluded (all Y'ha-nthlei to me). I'm okay with a vegetarian or vegan diet, if the circumstances demand it. But I'm in general very picky, conservative, and boring in my food tastes, easily repelled by many things, positively excited by few. I have a weakness for Döner Kebab, Kinder Surprise egg chocolate, and mildly oriental rice curry chicken stuff.

The six things I could never do without

Prescription glasses. Tissue to wipe them. Food and drinking water, shelter, sleep. A toilet.

I spend a lot of time thinking about

How to manage my life's resources and needs in a satisfying way. Moral questions. Questions of coding.

On a typical Friday night I am

At home, working on some pet project, maybe TV running (Nickelodeon); or out, with friends, at some private party or other social gathering. Or maybe working on a programming job or some CompSci assignment.

The most private thing I'm willing to admit

I have a bizarre atheist affinity for the Catholicism in Evelyn Waugh's "Brideshead Revisited" (novel /and/ TV mini-series).

I have a cannibalism fetish, active and passive (and I like guro porn). Yay Dolcett!

I feel a bit guilty about my lack of intellectual capacity to digest the details of Karl Marx' theories, such as his value-form analysis.

I worry a lot about what other people might consider social trivialities. I shy away from many modes of mating behavior, for fear of being too forward, so I'm happy when others do the first step in that (even then, I might fail to read it as a first step, if not very explicit).

You should message me if

you want to. Feel free to message me: I'll probably feel flattered, and I think I've never let a first message remain unanswered (although answering may take a few days). I'm mostly here to find people to date, but am also open to other purposes of conversation. I'll consider any question put to me.

I'm looking for

My details


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