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Versions-Geschichte: "Seitendiskussion-KillingThePowerOfTime"

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2011-03-22 03:20:00 (rückgängig machen): ? (Anonymous):
+ [/[[Seitendiskussion]] zu: [[KillingThePowerOfTime]]/]
2011-03-22 02:39:57 (rückgängig machen): GlobalReplace: list formatting (Admin):
- * look at it, it's awesome :D :
+ *] look at it, it's awesome :D :
2011-01-07 11:37:04 (rückgängig machen): thoughts (sofias):
+ some thoughts:
+ energy currency :D
+ idealization of the past by compression artefacts: this idea came to me as seeing the mandelbox fractal and it's similarities to historic architecture. *
+ so the unexplored things are maybe interpolated with something more beautiful than reality.
+ (but how can we then remember that the past sucked so much? :P)
+ how smoothly get's the resolution of past reconstruction worse? (is it exponential? :D )
+ aetom by aetom ;)
+ the low resulution/misrepresentation of people of course also occurs in human conversation etc. one might argue that conversation resulution is nearly always worse…
+ * look at it, it's awesome :D :
+ --sofias.
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