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7DRL Soon

The Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge will take place soon: a 168-hour period between March 7th and March 15th during which to build a new roguelike. I intend to participate. It's legal to use pre-existing libraries or engines. In fact, it's encouraged. That means I can use PlomRogue's current state as a base to build on (as planned half a year ago).

PlomRogue still lacks many features to expect from a roguelike engine. I don't think I can build a proper game just on its current state. I'll have to aggressively add features during the challenge – as needed by what I want my 7DRL game to be. This may lead to many dirty hacks to PlomRogue. I'm not sure I'd want to add these to the engine main branch. (They may serve as prototypes to proper feature additions, though.) Therefore, my game likely won't prove PlomRogue's viability as engine.

In any case, my engine's code should not be my main 7DRL focus – releasing a playable game should be. I have some ideas for game scenarios. Let's see what I can do with them …


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