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Play a Bit of PlomRogue

Here's a quick intro to installing and playing (the current version of) PlomRogue. I assume you have already have installed the following:


First, start up your terminal. Then, if you got git on your system, do this:

$ git clone 
$ cd plomrogue/ 

You don't have git? Then download and unzip the source files from like this (I assume you have unzip and wget installed):

$ wget 
$ unzip 
$ cd plomrogue-master/ 

Now let's build and start the game:

$ ./redo 
$ ./roguelike 

If nothing happens, read ./log for error messages of ./roguelike. Make redo may have failed to build ./plomrogue-server and ./plomrogue-client. That's interesting! Leave a message in the comments with your configuration then. Or send me an e-mail to <>. (If you played previously, give ./roguelike a while to start. It will then try to re-play your old game from the ./record file first.)

How to play

You'll now see something like this:

screenshot of the PlomRogue start screen.

There's different windows, with their titles on top. One title is surrounded by two dollar signs ("$"). This is the title of the "active" window. Some keybindings are available on all windows. Others are available only for the active window. The window on the left lists available keybindings. The ">"/"<" keys move the active window selection forward/backward.

Initially, the "Map" window is active. That is a good place to start. Check it out: "@" is your player character. "." dots are ground you can move on. "~" tildes mark sea tiles, over which you cannot move. "S", "z" and "a" are different kinds of enemies. "#", "%" and "m" are different kinds of items you can pick up.

To attack enemies, just move into the square they stand on. So far, there is not much to do but this: Kill enemies, and avoid getting killed by them. Look out for "m" items. Those are "MAGIC MEAT" that you can consume, to gain hitpoints. (You must switch to the "Inventory" window for doing that.)

The game is saved in the ./record file. Delete this file to start over in a new world.

More stuff

There's more stuff to describe. You can replay your playing record with ./roguelike -s. Windows and keybindings can be managed in bizarre ways. There are configuration files for all lifeforms and objects. ./roguelike hides a server client architecture to break up. I will talk about such things in other posts. If you are urgently interested, you can read the README.


Plomrogue builds on OS X as well.

Thanks for testing, Lukas! Does it run, too? I got another OS X user testing it and there the game crashes right after the start. It seems the plomrogue-server fails to read input from plomrogue-client there. Haven't identified where the fault lies yet …

Today, I pulled and recompiled. Somehow the Clients expiriences timeouts when connecting to the server. (The client hangs then there's somehow a timeout and the client quits)

Thanks for testing that, too. I'll look into this later and may query you on IRC.

Fixed with – thx for much help to Lukas and erlehmann.

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